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What is this website about?

Aaron William Lantzer, his life, and how he touched others.
His love of family and friends. The sport that he loved to participate in and watch. How do I put into words who Aaron was and what he will be remembered for? The Aaron rays in my brain go so fast when I think of him. I bounce in and out of memories quicker than I can write them down. I will have to put them all into blocks of memories or I will run over into other areas, I probably will anyway. I'll try to cover the following areas as briefly as I can:

Son, born to Jerry and Arlene in Grants Pass Oregon at 5AM on May 2nd, 1980.
Such excitement when the doctor said that he was a boy. A son for Jerry and, for me, the softest skin that I have ever kissed. I would tell Aaron that no girl in his lifetime will ever kiss him as much as I have. He would just grin at me. Of course, as he got older, the many hugs that I would receive and the kissing that I would do on that beautiful face seemed to wane. I would remind him of those times now and then, I knew in his smile that he may have missed them too. Our hearts ache for him... He was and is our "Buddy".

Brother, to older sister Jennifer and sandwiched in with a younger sister Kristin.
Jennifer and Aaron were the greatest of buddies. Just two years apart, they shared many birthdays together. Jennifer was born on May 3rd, 1978. Always together as they grew, never much trouble playing together. Jennifer has many stories about Aaron that I didn't even know about. Just remembrances of a kind and loving brother. High School brought on different interests for the two of them but still much pride was shared for each other. Jenn loves and misses her best friend... Aaron and Kristin, well that's another story in itself. Aaron loved Kris but seemed to be annoyed with her most of the time. He teased her constantly. Kristin's four years younger and Aaron could not understand why I was more flexible in certain areas with her than I was with him. At times, even her breathing annoyed him. He really pestered her a lot as young children. Later their relationship grew while Kristin attended most of Aaron's motocross races and baseball games. She was a great supporter of Aaron. Kris will always remember all of the teasing and that squint of his eye toward her.

Grandson, "Aaron Boy". that's what my Mom and Dad called Aaron...
Always time to say "Hi" and see if they needed anything. "Can I bring you in more wood, Grandma?", "Thanks for the sandwich". Grandma says that he is just away...

Student, Graysville Elementary to West Greene High School, Rogersville PA - Class of 1998.
Aaron was a good student, liked by his teachers and peers. He was a lefty and loved to pitch. His first love was baseball and pitching. Wanted to play for the pro's of course. He took what he did very seriously... Would all but go to tears if he loaded up the bases, he felt he let his teammates down. He could pick the runners off at firstbase in a heartbeat though. His best friend in school was his catcher, Nathan Polen. They worked so well together. Nathan sent flowers from the catcher to the pitcher.

Racer, In our years of supporting Aaron in his MX dream we collected many photos and video.
We enjoyed going over race videos and he would critique himself, pointing out what he felt he was doing wrong.

The wonderful support we receive from the racers and families that Aaron knew keeps his memory very much alive and helps keep our family going. All of our new friends and the many riders that we meet I'm sure Aaron would have been very pleased to know. So, in appreciation for all that they have done for us, we want to give a little back to the riders and their families. It's not much but something that's possible and we love doing it. That is going to the races, enjoying all you dear people, and taking lots of pictures. I kinda go a little crazy but I love trying to catch the shot that only you the riders make for the camera. I will try to get as many photos posted as I can so that you can print them off at home if you desire.

Please bear with me, this is somewhat new to us...

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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001