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Aaron's Friends

Alan, Rob, and Aaron at Beaver Valley Raceway.

Rob Armstrong
Aaron met Rob through friends, Jason and Brad. I remember that Jason, Aaron, and Brad would be doing their thing and there was this quiet boy there. Rob started racing in the 125C class. He was the new comer and the boys watched out for him on the track. The C class was, and is, a little dangerous... open this entry

Aaron Berry (#363), Jason, Brad, and Aaron at Field of Dreams MX Park.

Aaron Berry
Aaron Berry moved up to the 125C class from the 80's. He loved BMX and was always on his bicycle jumping ditches and riding hills between motos. He was always there, close to my Aaron in many races. One race it would be Berry and then in the next one it would be Lantzer. Their respect for one another grew... open this entry

Alan getting some mud practice at Aaron's track.

Alan Bonamo
Aaron had total admiration for Alan's abilities. He was the fast racer from Greene County that we noticed. We saw his trailer with many decals on it about Clarksville, PA and we would look for him at the races. Wow! A very fast rider and Aaron wanted to meet him. Aaron liked to hear Alan talk about his... open this entry

Brandon and Aaron at Field of Dreams MX Park.

Brandon Bradley
Brandon Bradley, another very fast rider. Wow! He and Adam Musgrove were two scary guys to most of the B class. Aaron would watch those two ride and just be in awe of their abilities. The speed at which they took turns is what Aaron dreamed about doing. Aaron would enjoy talking to Brandon... open this entry

C.J. with Rob, Aaron, and Mindy in the Lantzer pits.

C.J. Coffield
CJ, little CJ, always the smile and twinkle in his eye. Aaron fell in love with him from the "get go". CJ's grandmother was my 3rd cousin. Doug, CJ's dad, was wanting to get him into racing and called to ask us about the Greene County Fair Race. He wanted to know if that would be a good race to go to... open this entry

Henry, at Steel City USA in 2001, running #98 In Memory of Aaron.

Henry Cominsky
A very cool Spring day at Steel City USA. A Ford truck pulls in next to Jerry and Aaron. This truck has a brand new KX in it belonging to one Henry Cominsky. Their friendship began when Aaron fouled a spark plug down on the gate and this very nice man (Henry) helped Jerry and Aaron out... open this entry

Aaron and Neal (#72) on the gate at Pleasure Valley Raceway.

Neal Hart
Aaron really enjoyed racing against Neal. He was always near the front of the pack and Aaron was always looking for that #72 Honda, trying to keep up with him. Talking with Neal down at the starting gate was also an enjoyment for Aaron. Neal's racing number, #72, appears on the back of Aaron's headstone. open this entry

Aaron, Jerry, Jason, and Scott at Field of Dreams MX Park.

Jason London
Aaron and Jason met by running into each other, literally. It was at Pyramid Valley in Lost Creek WVa., on a dark and damp Saturday night. The two of them were riding in the 125C class. Jason a very fast rider and Aaron trying to be as aggressive as he could. The two of them came into a turn... open this entry

Mark, Tom, and Aaron at Field of Dreams MX Park.

Mark Lynch
The voice of District-5. What a beautiful voice Mark has. Aaron thought he was the greatest. District-5 really came on when they hired Mark to do the announcing. He knew every rider and would comment on nearly all of them. He didn't miss a beat unless he was out running his own moto... open this entry

Adam (#25) at Pleasure Valley Raceway.

Adam Musgrove
Aaron loved Adam. He just shook his head at some of the crazy things that Adam would do or say but he truly cared about him. He was totally amazed by Adam's natural riding ability but worried about all of his injuries. Seemed such a waste to Aaron that such a good rider was always getting hurt... open this entry

Justin (#289) and Aaron at the Westmoreland Co. Fairgrounds.

Justin Paris
Aaron and Jerry met Justin through his friend, Anthony Grinnell. Anthony was another very fast "A" rider that Aaron loved to watch race. Anthony had a bike for sale and Aaron bought it. When Jerry and Aaron would speak to Anthony at the track a young man by the name of Justin Paris would also be pitted there... open this entry

Aaron and Nathan as kids at High Point Raceway.

Nathan Polen
Nathan Polen, West Greene High School, class of 1998. Aaron loved Nathan. He was so much apart of Aaron's life and his school years, all thirteen years. These two boys would be together as often as they could. They played video games but Aaron was so aggressive that, I think, Nathan did not like playing with him... open this entry

Shawn hanging-out in the pit area.

Shawn Radcliff
Shawn was the nephew of Tom Radcliff. Shawn enjoyed chasing after his Uncle on the track. Shawn rode in the C class initially then moved up to the B's. Aaron would see Shawn at the races and over at Tom's. Shawn eventually stopped racing and we all missed seeing him at the track. Aaron would have liked getting to know... open this entry

Tammy, Tom, Aaron, and Mindy at High Point Raceway.

Tom Radcliff
Aaron met Thomas through his friend, Jason London. Tom was the one who brought Jason back up to Pennsylvania after he broke his leg at Loretta Lynn's. Jason needed room to stretch his long leg out and his truck wasn't big enough. Thomas was down at Loretta Lynn's participating in the 250C class... open this entry

Tom, Travis, and Aaron at High Point Raceway.

Travis Rastoka
We initially saw Travis at the Greene County and Jacktown Fair races. Jerry and Aaron would also see Travis and Albert down at Pyramid Valley. Travis, at the time, was riding 80's and he dominated those races. Travis was a quite boy, very polite and very fast. Aaron was amazed by his talent... open this entry

Aaron, Jason, and Brad in the Lantzer pits.

Brad Richmond
Brad was a good friend of Jason's and also raced in the C class. Full of laughter and jokes at every race, Brad would push himself to a point and then just be happy with where he finished. A good day and the riding was great. Brad always had Aaron in stitches. He would give him a hard time about his racing... open this entry

Chad with Rob, Jerry, and Aaron.

Chad Sanner
Aaron had a great respect for Chad Sanner, his riding ability, and his love of racing. Aaron first saw Chad Sanner at the Jacktown Fair race years ago and was overwhelmed that a rider of his abilities would come to a small fair race. Of course the layout of the track was not quite big enough for Chad... open this entry

Aaron racing with Bob Taylor (#20).

Bob Taylor
Bob is such a kind and faithful friend. His meeting Aaron was pretty much like Aaron and Jason's first meeting, running into each other. They did that at the Jacktown Fair race and, of course, the track was not one that any rider should have been on. Somehow Aaron and Bob, both riding in the 125C class, collided... open this entry

Aaron and Justin (#141) at Field of Dreams MX Park.

Justin Whitesell
A nice, kind rider to talk to down on the gate. Aaron was not one to talk much, especially if he didn't know the person next to him. I'm sure many times on the gate Aaron did not say a word, except to his Dad. I'd ask Aaron did you talk to anyone down on the gate and sometimes he would mention a name... open this entry

Chris, Jason, and Aaron at Pleasure Valley Raceway.

Chris Wright
Chris was always at the top of the C class. He was the guy that all the other boys in his class wanted to get close to in their motos. He was respectable to line-up next to at the gate but hard to keep up with once off it. Flushed cheeks and a big smile, it was always there. Aaron had great respect for Chris... open this entry

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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001