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In Memory of Aaron Lantzer #98

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In 2001 we came up with the idea for The In Memory of Aaron Lantzer Award. Each year we present this award to the 125B rider that reminds us most of Aaron.

The process of selecting each year's winner is based on the following criteria:
1) Riding Style - Aaron had a very distinct riding posture so we look for that in a rider.
2) Personality - How a rider behaves, and how he treats others, on/off the track is crucial.
3) Commitment - The commitment a rider has to the sport of motocross is also very important.
4) Determination - The rider must be steadfast. He cannot be discouraged by minor setbacks.

As we watch the 125B class throughout the season, those are some of the key things that we'll be looking for. Kristin, Aaron's sister, really focuses on the riders. She takes notes at every race and knows exactly how well everyone is doing. So your overall finishes, and the ups/downs of each moto, all factor into our decision.

Another thing We look at is what happens after the moto... The facial expressions and comments made during those emotional post-race moments say a lot about a rider... "I gave it my all, I finished.", "Was I eigth or ninth?", "Did I make it into the top five?" ...How a rider handles himself in the best and worst of situations reveals the kind of person he really is.

As racers we all know that good results are important but they aren't essential to winning the In Memory of Aaron Award. The B classes here in District-5 are so rich with talent that it would be unfair to base our decision solely on the number of plaques/trophies earned. There's more to it than that. When Aaron got up to speed in the B class he was always finishing in, or around, the top-10. We know how much hard work and determination that takes. You riders who are struggling to get into the top-10, my heart goes out to you. I think you are the strongest ones. You guys are all great. You thrill me over and over with your abilities and style. Watching all of you guys come off the gate is so overwhelming because I know Aaron is there and he's blasting off with you...

All I can say, parents, is what a wonderful bunch of boys we have to root for. They give it their all and we must give them the support they need even when they're not doing as well as they, or we, had hoped. Please let your children know that they have accomplished a great deal when finishing 1st or 30th. After all, they are our dreams and our futures.


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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001