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~ MAY 2, 1980 - MARCH 11, 2001 ~


Winter is nearly leaving and spring is doing its best to come soon. My Easter Daffodils are about 3 inches up out of the ground, the buzzards are back flying in the sky, and thunderstorms have been around this week along with a few ground hogs coming out to take a look around. High School wrestling is wrapping up this weekend, the long journey will come to its close at the PIAA State Wresting in Hershey. These are all normal events that have happened at this time for quite a few years. Eleven years ago our family lives where changed forever. Spring brings on the wonderful things but also major pain of loss. When Kristin and I arrived home from our days at the wrestling event in Hershey we found out that our Aaron had died from injuries he received when a drunk driver hit him head on that Saturday night. Even after eleven years I still feel like I am in a bad dream.

Life still goes on, many good and wonderful things but always that one that is so missed. I have thought many a time what would it be like with our Aaron here? I feel he would be a successful working man. Married with children, a son for sure and getting him a bike when old enough. I know that he would be always near like his sisters. Jerry would be pleased with Aaron doing those Father and Son things. Yes, he would be riding at the local tracks. Riding in the vet class or +30. (young +30) His sisters would love to have him here. A big brother for Kristin and the best buddy for his older sister. (another person to help Jenn when Mom and Dad get old) Just the thought of him still being here makes me smile and warmth comes all over me. But reality comes back very quickly. These things are not to be except for the anniversary of his death, his birthday that still comes at the same time as his older sister. Memories, many memories that are in and out of my mind and heart. Every now and then a sweet dream with Aaron in it. Not many but what a blessing getting whatever is sent my way.

As we grow older thru these years, Aaron will be forever young. But oh how I would love to see him grow old with me. Love your children, soak in every minute that you have with them. The years go by way too quickly. Also remember to PLEASE don't drink and drive. You don't have to be drunk to hit someone or hurt your own family. It seems that many don't realize that when they drink and drive that life can change in a blink of an eye. I still hear of so many that have a few drinks and get behind the wheel. Why take the risk, either have a designated driver or just don't drink and get behind the wheel. "It's not going to happen to me thought" is really an insult to all who are suffering the loss of a loved one from that person who believed it. The loss that Jerry, Jennifer, Kristin, Mom and I share is one that we would not want any of you to bare.

We miss you Aaron........

Aaron William Lantzer May 2, 1980 - March 11, 2001 AM

The following slide shows are of our Aaron. Memories of Aaron thru out his nearly 21 years. He is not just a statistic of a Drunk Driver fatality, but a real living person, one that completes our family.




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