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Rob Armstrong

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Alan, Rob, and Aaron at Beaver Valley Raceway.

Aaron met Rob through friends, Jason and Brad. I remember that Jason, Aaron, and Brad would be doing their thing and there was this quiet boy there. Rob started racing in the 125C class. He was the newcomer and the boys watched out for him on the track. The C class was, and is, a little dangerous. I remember one race at Steel City where Jason and Aaron were up front and Rob was doing okay until he crashed hard on an uphill double. In my video of that race you can see Jason and Aaron both looking over at Rob as he laid on the track getting himself back together. It was a hard day for Rob and the boys were very concerned about him. Over the years Aaron and Rob rode together at races and on Aaron's practice track. During the off-season Aaron and Mindy would go out with Rob and Stacey to dinner and movies. Aaron enjoyed Rob's friendship tremendously. Aaron knew that he and Rob would always be good friends as they grew older. He was looking forward to it. They seemed very much alike. Rob comes to Aaron's track and usually rides at least once a week. He helps take care of the track by using the tractor. During the Summer CJ is here to practice with Rob but, while school is in session, Rob generally rides alone. It breaks my heart that Aaron is not here riding with him. Rob helped carry Aaron at the funeral and has been a great comfort to us. In 2002, Rob was selected as an In Memory of Aaron Award winner for possessing all of the qualities that we look for in a rider and a person. We sincerely hope that our friendship with Rob, which started with Aaron, continues. Rob's old racing number, #810, appears on the back of Aaron's headstone.

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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001