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Brandon Bradley

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Brandon and Aaron at Field of Dreams MX Park.

Brandon Bradley, another very fast rider. Wow! He and Adam Musgrove were two scary guys to most of the B class. Aaron would watch those two ride and just be in awe of their abilities. The speed at which they took turns is what Aaron dreamed about doing. Aaron would enjoy talking to Brandon about his riding. He complimented him on his racing even after Brandon moved up to the B Class where Aaron was. Aaron always wanted to ride like Brandon and Adam, with the same confidence that seemed to come so naturally. Aaron always felt that Brandon could go as far as he wanted to go with his talent. That level of riding is something Aaron probably would not have achieved but he was still out there trying. I think Aaron is still keeping an eye on Brandon... At the first race of the 2002 season, at Pleasure Valley Raceway, I took a picture of the A riders coming off the gate and there's a rainbow in the picture, over Brandon. Aaron loved rainbows!!!!! and Brandon. I was really shocked that my first picture of the new season had a rainbow in it but there it was, right on Brandon. WOW! Aaron was there.

P.S. Brandon helped me tremendously when he sat beside me at Shawn Radcliff's funeral. It was a very hard day for all of us. That day was cloudy but not raining. We sat by a door that had beveled glass in it. During the service Brandon nudged me to look at the floor and on the floor, right in front of Brandon, Kristin and myself, was a rainbow. So bright it was and it stayed there, in front of us, until the end of the service. Aaron was there too... Brandon's racing number, #217, appears on the back of Aaron's headstone.

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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001