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C.J. Coffield

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C.J. with Rob, Aaron, and Mindy in the Lantzer pits.

CJ, little CJ, always the smile and twinkle in his eye. Aaron fell in love with him from the "get go". CJ's grandmother was my 3rd cousin. Doug, CJ's dad, was wanting to get him into racing and called to ask us about the Greene County Fair Race. He wanted to know if that would be a good race to go to. Of course, I said "Oh dear, if you really want to get him into a good race, go to Brownsville". There's a race there on the same weekend. Well, they came to Brownsville and the rest is ~ Coffield Racing History ~. They fell in love with racing and we fell in love with the three of them. CJ, hard to believe, was very quiet at first but a few Sundays rolled through and the teasing began between CJ and the rest of us. CJ was well taken care of by his Dad and Uncle. Actually, we all hover over him at races. We make sure that he is okay and has food in his stomach. If he crashes out on the track, we have to move back to make sure he can get enough air to breath. Aaron watched CJ closely too. CJ was the first rider that Aaron watched who was on a bike smaller than an 80. Aaron enjoyed CJ's newfound love of motocross and CJ would come out to ride with Aaron at his track. He would run the 125's around for sure. Those practice sessions were good for Aaron and CJ. They really worked each other out. At Aaron's track there's a grassy area where the boys would practice their starts. David would drop a hat or flag and off the two would go. The first time they took off CJ really flew, he caught Aaron off guard. Aaron got serious real quick and CJ wasn't going to catch him off guard again. Those two really liked each other. I know that Aaron was looking forward to growing with CJ. The two of them were going to go to Loretta Lynn's together. They had plans for when Aaron built his house above his practice track. CJ was going to have his own bedroom there with Aaron and Mindy. That way they could just ride out of the garage and right out onto Aaron's track. Now, CJ comes to Aaron's track and practices. Other friends of Aaron ride there as well but CJ is the only one that rides Aaron's YZ 125. I remember Aaron was nervous watching CJ learn on his bike. It's still so very good to watch CJ ride on Aaron's track because I know that Aaron is there riding with him. I ask Aaron to ride with CJ at every race, every moto. In 2004, CJ was selected as an In Memory of Aaron Award winner and his racing number, #39 (ala Bob Hannah), appears on the back of Aaron's headstone.

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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001