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Henry Cominsky

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Henry, at Steel City USA in 2001, running #98 In Memory of Aaron.

A very cool Spring day at Steel City USA. A Ford truck pulls in next to Jerry and Aaron. This truck has a brand new KX in it belonging to one Henry Cominsky. Their friendship began when Aaron fouled a spark plug down on the gate and this very nice man (Henry) helped Jerry and Aaron out. This was back in Aaron's early (C class) days and everything was new to him. He needed help and wisdom in all areas. Jerry and Aaron were always talking about this guy named Henry, he was so nice and rode so well. Lots of experience, with knowledge of what Aaron was going through. Aaron looked forward to every weekend and seeing Henry. Aaron loved talking about racing and discussing technical issues with him. Aaron was amazed with the knowledge that Henry has of racing, tracks, bikes, riders, etc. Aaron would look for Henry out on the track then use that point to press himself and catch Henry. He followed Henry's lines into turns and observed Henry's style. There wasn't a crash or moto that Henry wasn't there to help us with or talk about. Excellent constructive criticism and it was always welcomed. One time, at High Point, Aaron had a bad crash after the finish line. He got cross-rutted and went down very hard knocking himself out for a few minutes. Jerry got to Aaron first, I was clear over by the stair steps video-taping and was trying to get to him. Paramedics were there asking Aaron his name, etc. and Henry, well he was already there getting Aaron's bike of the track and taking it back to our pits. They loaded Aaron into the ambulance and, of course, Jerry and I were with him until they left. When we got back to our pit area all of our stuff was already loaded-up and ready to go so we could follow Aaron to the hospital... Henry and Kristin had taken care of it all. When Aaron's track was ridable Henry would come down to practice with Aaron even though it was a good distance for him. They rode so well together. Aaron looked forward to any contact that he would have with Henry. In fact, Aaron would start looking for Henry's truck as soon as we got to the track but he wouldn't see him until much closer to race time. Their friendship still grows even with Aaron gone. Henry is still the wonderful friend that Aaron met back on that chilly day at Steel City. Henry's old racing number, #513, appears on the back of Aaron's headstone.

P.S. Without Henry this wonderful In Memory of Aaron Website would not be what it is. He has blessed us with this continuance of Aaron. Thank You, Henry.

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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001