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Jason London

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Aaron, Jerry, Jason, and Scott at Field of Dreams MX Park.

Aaron and Jason met by running into each other, literally. It was at Pyramid Valley in Lost Creek WVa., on a dark and damp Saturday night. The two of them were riding in the 125C class. Jason a very fast rider and Aaron trying to be as aggressive as he could. The two of them came into a turn then hit a small double, neither one giving an inch until they "met" and went down. No problems, they both got back up and finished the race. Pyramid is so small that you are pretty much sitting on each other and Jason was pitted directly behind us. I always thought Aaron was tall for a 125 but Jason was even taller. The two started talking about the race and their friendship was forever. They fed off one another and that pushed them to ride harder, and smarter. If Aaron wasn't at Jason's pits, Jason would be in ours. Always discussing the track, what they should or should not be doing, techniques, all racing. Giving advice, good and bad, but they ALWAYS had good intentions. I remember one Greene County Fair race, Aaron and Jason were the only B riders there (I think). During practice Aaron was reluctant to try this one triple jump. He just couldn't get the proper rhythm to hit it. Jason, a very aggressive rider, was having no problems with the triple. Knowing Aaron's abilities, Jason told him that he should have no trouble doing it. So Aaron goes out and tries that triple... He cases it, gets thrown over the bars, and the bike comes down on his back. His face was embedded in the ground. Seeing stars and constantly asking us the same questions over and over again, Aaron did not participate in the rest of that evening's activities. Poor Jason, he really felt terrible. Jason told Aaron, "Don't ask me for anymore advice", but Aaron thought a lot of what Jason told him. Aaron loved riding with Jason. Jason got 1st place in the Pennsylvania State Championship Series that year in the 125C class and Aaron took 5th. Jason went on to qualify for Loretta Lynn's the following year but his first trip to the ranch was not a good one. He severely broke his leg in practice and spent some time in the hospital. Aaron was on the phone as soon as he heard the bad news wanting to talk to Jason. During the time that Aaron and Jason rode together we also got to know Jason's family. They are such wonderful people. They came and supported Jason on Sundays and they also supported Aaron. It was great having Jason back racing again. Aaron seemed lost without Jason while he recovered from his injury. Having the two of them back together, and riding again, was awesome. It was just like old times. Aaron had that drive back in him once again with Jason there. Unfortunately, Jason's riding time was cut short again with another broken leg. That injury would put an end to his racing. A huge loss for Jason, Aaron and District-5. Aaron didn't get to see Jason much after he quit racing but nothing could take away the wonderful memories they shared at so many tracks. Jason's racing number, #6, appears on the back of Aaron's headstone.

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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001