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Mark Lynch

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Mark, Tom, and Aaron at Field of Dreams MX Park.

The voice of District-5. What a beautiful voice Mark has. Aaron thought he was the greatest. District-5 really came on when they hired Mark to do the announcing. He knew every rider and would comment on nearly all of them. He didn't miss a beat unless he was out running his own moto. Mark could recall most of Aaron's races and would comment on them when Aaron was riding. He would make comments on how Aaron was doing out there on the track, Mark did this for many riders. You know how it is to watch football on TV and have the instant replay and then have it taken away... Well that's what it's like when Mark isn't calling the races. You get lost but with Mark you hang on every word. I know Aaron enjoyed Mark's visits to our pit area when he wasn't calling a race. If I could do some things over again, I would have Mark sing at Aaron's funeral. I know Aaron would have loved to hear Mark sing the National Anthem one more time... Thank You, Mark.

P.S. I must tell this small story with a large punch... The second round of the PA State Championship series, hosted by the Berkey's at Field of Dreams MX Park in September 2001, was held In Memory of Aaron. The plaques they handed out had a picture of Aaron on them. They were so beautiful (see for yourself) and Mark was there to call the race. It was a very nice day too, sunny with very few clouds, and the track was in great condition with little to no dust. Before going any further I should probably mention that Aaron loved rainbows. He would come get me everytime conditions were right for a rainbow at our house, or anywhere, and we would look for them together. Well, at the end of the In Memory of Aaron race at F.O.D., we happen to run into Mark on our way out. He asked us, "Well, did you see them?". I said, "See what?". He said, "The rainbows. Didn't you see them?". I said "No". He said that he was up in the tower calling a race and saw rainbows over the track. That was weird, no watering was being done and it wasn't raining, they were just there. He even asked a co-worker, who was in the tower with him, if he could see the rainbows and he said "Yes". He also saw them. Mark could not believe that we hadn't seen them. I told Mark they were meant for him, from Aaron.

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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001