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Nathan Polen

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Aaron and Nathan as kids at High Point Raceway.

Nathan Polen, West Greene High School, class of 1998. Aaron loved Nathan. He was so much apart of Aaron's life and his school years, all thirteen years. These two boys would be together as often as they could. They played video games but Aaron was so aggressive that, I think, Nathan did not like playing with him. Nathan, however, has such a gentle spirit that he would just shrug his shoulders and start a new game. Aaron would go to Nathan's house and Nathan would come to spend time here. We loved having Nathan here with Aaron. Nathan also went to some races with Aaron and Jerry. They watched the GNCC and other races at High Point. Aaron was not racing at that time. In school, wherever Nathan was, Aaron was. If you found one, you found the other. The Little League Baseball years were all about Aaron and Nathan. From T-Ball right up through Varsity they always played together. Aaron was the pitcher and Nathan was the catcher. The two complimented one another very well. Nathan brought a beautiful spray of flowers to Aaron at the Funeral home with a card saying, "From the Catcher to the Pitcher". Thank you, Nathan, for being the best friend that Aaron could have wished for.

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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001