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Tom Radcliff

80k Image
Tammy, Tom, Aaron, and Mindy at High Point Raceway.

Aaron met Thomas through his friend, Jason London. Tom was the one who brought Jason back up to Pennsylvania after he broke his leg at Loretta Lynn's. Jason needed room to stretch his long leg out and his truck wasn't big enough. Thomas was down at Loretta Lynn's participating in the 250C class. I'm not sure why it took so long to meet Tom and Tammy but it's been wonderful ever since. Tom moved up to the B classes, both 125 and 250, and was at all the races. We all started pitting together and since Tom was in the 125B class with Aaron, the boys had lots to talk about after every moto. Jason at that time was not riding due to his injuries so Thomas and Rob where the ones that Aaron hooked up with every Sunday. Thomas came up to Aaron's track and practiced with Aaron, Rob and CJ many times. He also would help out with the disking and track preparation. Aaron also traveled to Thomas' track and would ride there as well. He had so many good memories of his times with the Radcliffs. Aaron and Mindy went out to dinner with Tom and Tammy the night that Aaron left us and I'm glad that he was with such good friends. Tom helped carry Aaron on the day of his funeral. Tom's racing number, #22, appears on the back of Aaron's headstone.

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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001