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Travis Rastoka

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Tom, Travis, and Aaron at High Point Raceway.

We initially saw Travis at the Greene County and Jacktown Fair races. Jerry and Aaron would also see Travis and Albert down at Pyramid Valley. Travis, at the time, was riding 80's and he dominated those races. Travis was a quite boy, very polite and very fast. Aaron was amazed by his talent. I remember Travis at a Greene County Fair race when he came over to our pits to check on Aaron after a bad crash. Aaron wasn't sure where he was and didn't know what happened but Travis was there making sure he was okay. I don't remember Travis being at any District-5 races back then but the friendship was on. Kristin and I would see Travis in action during H.S. wrestling season, he was an outstanding wrestler for Waynesburg. He made it to the State finals a couple of times and we watched him compete there as well. Travis was an all-around excellent athlete and very disciplined in whatever he did. The program that he had in wrestling helped him tremendously in his racing. Travis is very strong and fast thinking, Aaron saw that right away. Aaron was always pleased to see Travis at the races and enjoyed watching his motos. Travis started riding more District-5 races when he moved up to the 125C class. He was always right up there in the front of that class. Travis would also ride at Aaron's track to practice with the boys and Aaron enjoyed having him there. Aaron and Mindy would go out to dinner with Travis and Lindsey when they could and enjoyed their company. I know that Aaron was looking forward to the life-long friendship that they were developing together. Travis was a big help at Aaron's funeral where he helped carry Aaron. Travis' racing number, #417, appears on the back of Aaron's headstone.

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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001