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Bob Taylor

93k Image
Aaron racing with Bob Taylor (#20).

Bob is such a kind and faithful friend. His meeting Aaron was pretty much like Aaron and Jason's first meeting, running into each other. They did that at the Jacktown Fair race and, of course, the track was not one that any rider should have been on. Somehow Aaron and Bob, both riding in the 125C class, collided. Well, Jerry felt that Bob was at fault and went to talk to this rider on the #20 Yamaha. Jerry got things off his chest and then found a very upset young man that may have hurt another rider. He was apologizing all over the place. Jerry felt bad, Aaron felt bad, but a new and truly close friendship was born. We did not see Bob at every race but Bob would be at Steel City, Brownsville, the Fair races, and some others. It was always good to have Bob in our pit area. After Bob met Laurie he introduced her to the racing crew. They compliment one another so well. Aaron and the rest of us went to Bob and Laurie's wedding, it was beautiful. Going to weddings was something that Aaron did not like to do but he had great respect for Bob and wanted to be there. Bob and Laurie have since had a beautiful baby boy. Aaron would love to watch Bob beam about his beautiful boy. He would also love to know that Bob has already purchased a Yamaha for him as well. True Blue! Bob helped carry Aaron on the day of the funeral. Bob's racing number, #20, appears on the back of Aaron's headstone.

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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001