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2002 Aaron Award Winners

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Robert Armstrong on his #944 Suzuki RM125.

Rob competed in the 125B and +25 MX classes. During the season he switched from a KX back to the more familiar RM and made considerable progress in both classes. He did very well in the West Virginia State Championship Series and really came on strong in the +25 class, improving with each race. Between motos you can usually find Rob down at the starting gate helping someone get a holeshot by using his "special" grooming techniques. Rob loves to ride, race, and enjoy those around him. View Rob's award

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David Plavi on his #934 Honda CR125.

David competed in the 125B and 250B MX classes. What an eye-opener he was at Camelback Raceway during the West Virginia State Championship Series. He and Danny McAdoo, a 2001 Aaron Award winner, hammered on one another at all three rounds. There was some really great battles between them, very fast and aggressive riding, it was awesome! Of course, after that series wrapped-up, the Pennsylvania State Championship Series started and we got to see more of the #934 Honda. During that series David had some bike problems but he kept fighting all the way to the last race at High Point. We also got to spend some time with David down in Florida at the Mini O's where he rode very well. He got good starts but had some bad luck. Still, that did not dampen his spirits or desire to go back out and try again.

We fully intended to select a single rider in 2002 but, like last year, went with two instead. It's impossible for us to pick only one when there are so many talented and deserving riders to choose from. The 125B class is just too competitive! That's why it always comes right down to the last race of the State Championship Series in making our decision.

In a lot of different ways the 2002 recipients had very similar seasons. Both had their good races and bad races, they were both plagued with bike problems, and nothing seemed to bother either one of them. They were there, every race, riding hard. Sometimes getting a good start meant losing a few positions but that's not unusual in the B class. Their attitude was one of “Okay, I'll just do better next moto...”

Both riders possess the qualities that we look for In Memory of Aaron. I know that they will also go on to do very well in upcoming seasons for they love what they do, no matter how they finish. I also know that Aaron would be proud to ride with either one of them.

In 2001 the "In Memory of Aaron" Award winners were Daniel McAdoo and Matt Ritchey. Both of these young men also displayed the qualities that we look for in our riders. They faced adversity like bike problems, bad starts, and crashes but when they went down they quickly rejoined the race to finish well. They just weren't fortunate enough to make it into the top-5 by year's end. That, however, did not discourage them. They hung in there, always riding with great dedication and with heart.

Danny and Matt both showed great advances in their riding during the 2002 season...

In year-end points Daniel won the 125B class and was second in 250B. He also did extremely well in the State Championship Series finishing third on his 125 and second on his 250.

Matt finished the year tenth in the 125B class and fourteenth in 250B. He also did very well in the State Championship Series finishing seventh on his 125 and sixth on his 250.

It was so wonderful watching these two riders obtain their goals in the B class.

Thank you Danny, Margo, and Larry for letting us into your pit area and allowing us to share your racing experiences.

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In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001