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2001 Aaron Award Winners

31k Image
Daniel McAdoo on his #71 LCR Yamaha YZ125.

43k Image
Matt Ritchey on his #210 Cernic's Suzuki RM125.

We had to select two riders this year because they were so close in their riding and placings. Neither gave up, even when they had bike problems. They usually got pretty good starts but would each, at various times, get caught-up somewhere and go down. That never stopped them though. They'd get right back up and continue on to finish well, usually around tenth place. They'd look a little down after having a bad moto but they were always ready to get back out there and improve their results in the next one. Always at the track. Serious about what they were doing but not to the point that they weren't having fun.

These two boys rode with a lot of heart throughout the entire 2001 season. They were so wonderful to watch each week, I'm sure they'll be finishing well inside the top-10 in the future. We're looking forward to watching them and the rest of you riders again, hopefully soon.

I can't say this was an easy task but it was something that we needed to do. Looking forward to each weekend at the track helps us through the large emptiness that we have to try and fill. So we'll be out there again next season with our cameras and watchful eyes, participating in the sport that Aaron loved so much. Thank you District-5 and all you wonderful riders for your kindness and remembering Aaron #98. It is a privilege to know you and to watch you ride.

Posted by Wardy on 01.11.07 @ 11:27 PM ET | Top of Page

In Loving Memory of Aaron W. Lantzer, 1980-2001